Specialist Lighting

Creating lighting for the modern office requires thought and consideration beyond the 100Watt bayonet bulb that we often fit to our homes.

In the modern office, with more and more technology such as VDUs, videophones etc. it is essential that a harmonious blend of natural and artificial light are combined to deliver an environment that reduces stress and fatigue on the eye.

The lighting of a store has a major influence on its identity, atmosphere,and product presentation. Visit the Philips Lighting Homepage , and in particular the section on how to light the shop. Philips have an excellent description of which types of lights to use for particular situations. They also have an examples section that shows shops that have used their products to good effect.

The General Electric Lighting Web Page has descriptions of the many types of lamps available. If you are looking for that special lighting effect for your home then it may well be that the source of inspiration is contained within this site.

Osram Sylvania have a web site which also has a listing of products and a good selection of documents to help with the design process.

Why not Let Barlycroft take the strain out of Lighting Design?

After visiting some of the lighting vendors Web sites to see for yourself what a difference can be made, remember that Barleycroft can customise your store to take advantage of these lighting products.

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