Computer and Cable Management

Barleycroft can help advise you on all aspects of Computer installation, from physical location through to structured cabling back to servers in specialist air-conditioned computer rooms.

When locating Personal Computers in an office, there are many factors which must be taken into consideration both from an ergonomics perspective, and increasingly also from an anti-theft point of view.

The position of a computer screen can make a world of difference to the the productivity of your staff. For example, heat sources, direct sunlight and reflections can all pose barriers to your staff working at peak efficiency.

Barleycroft has much experience in all aspects of controlling the environment of an office to make it suitable for prolonged VDU use. The specialist joinery division can provide furniture including desks, stands, accessories such as support brackets and cable management devices to allow hardware such as computers and VDUs to be used and stored efficiently.


Computer Rooms

From small cupboards, through to large multi-server Computer rooms, Barleycroft can install all necessary cooling, anti-static precations, fire extinguisher systems, ventilation and raised flooring. Where required, Barleycroft can also advise on uninterruptable power supplies to keep you going where there is a loss of mains electricity. This can be particularly important if your business depends on your computers working at all times.

Specialist Lighting

Barleycroft has many years of experience in solving lighting problems, for more information please see our lighting information page.

Computer Networking and Cabling

Barleycroft can help you implement a complete 'structured' cabling solution that offers discrete hidden computer connections. This is particularly important if you are working in an older building where unsightly cables would detract from the overall ambiance. Our team works closely with the supervising architect to ensure that all cable layouts are placed so as not to interfere with other services and to be in 'the right place' at the right time.

For large multi-server configurations, Barleycroft can help with specification and implementation of racking systems to allow for routers, hubs etc. to be integrated into your environment.

Again, the Barleycroft philosophy of giving you a 'one stop shop' prevails, allowing you to focus on your business, whilst we take the strain for you.